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Samsung’s cloud gaming streaming service will debut this week

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is all set to debut its cloud game streaming service. Perhaps the company will unveil it this week. One thing to notice here is that the cloud game streaming service offered by Samsung will be different from the ones offered by Microsoft Xbox Cloud, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce Now. Remarkably, the streaming service will target mobile games. It is in beta testing with a limited number of users.

Samsung’s cloud game streaming is built for mobile phone games

Korea Economic Times reports that Samsung is going to expand the reach of the beta version of the cloud game streaming service to more users. The company will announce it during the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 event. The new streaming service can be found inside the default Game Launcher app. The cloud streaming service currently includes seven games from Playrix and Snow Print Studios.

It might be free but ad-supported

Thankfully, the new service won’t be based on a subscription model. However, it will be an ad-supported service just like the Samsung TV Plus, which is the company’s free, ad-supported video streaming service. On Samsung smart TVs, the Gaming Hub supports content from Microsoft Xbox Cloud, Nvidia GeForce Now, Utomik, and Amazon Luna. In comparison, the Game Launcher available on Samsung smartphones is completely different.

With the new service, the company might be focusing on the game-install-ad revenue. The performance of game advertisements has decreased over the past few years due to the requirement for greater privacy and limitations on user ad targeting; however, Samsung’s cloud game streaming technology may offer a solution.

“Ads don’t seem to help attract users to the game publisher’s content since most of them don’t actually ever get into the game,” said Jong Hyuk Woo, Vice President of Games Services for Samsung Electronics (USA), to VentureBeat in August. We think cloud streaming can help publishers of mobile games by fully removing the download, installation, and App Store visits from the user acquisition funnel. That, the funnel, and the model’s inefficiencies can all be significantly reduced.