Samsung will manufacture the next-gen AI chips for Tenstorrent

Tesntorrent is a Canada-based company. It is famous for designing and licensing AI and RISC-V chips and technologies. These chips are used in automotive, robots, and data centers. According to some recent pieces of information, Tesntorrent is all set to begin the development of its next-gen AI chips. Reportedly, the company will be handing over the project to Samsung Foundry. The new AI chips will be built on Samsung’s 4nm semiconductor fabrication process.

These chips have a wide range of applications given their huge scalable powers, which range from milliwatts to megawatts. The new Tenstorrent AI chips will be built on Samsung Foundry’s SFX4 (fourth-generation 4nm) process. In this way, the new chips will be based on cutting-edge and high-quality silicon manufacturing.  Notably, Samsung’s plant in Taylor, Texas, will deal with the production of these chips.

Jim Keller is the CEO of Tenstorrent. He has already worked with several renowned companies like Apple, Intel, Broadcom, AMD, and Tesla. Furthermore, Tenstorrent is financed by companies like Fidelity Ventures, Eclipse Ventures, Hyundai Motor Group, Real Ventures, and the Samsung Catalyst Fund. Three months ago, Jim Keller attended the Samsung Foundry Forum event.

Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent, said, “Tenstorrent’s focus is on building high-performance compute technologies and supplying these solutions to consumers around the globe.” The dedication of Samsung Foundry to the development of semiconductor technology complements our ambition for the advancement of RISC-V and AI, making them an excellent partner to sell our AI chipsets.

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