Samsung’s Maintenance Mode served as the inspiration for Google’s Repair Mode in Android 14

Some past reports suggested that Google might debut the stable version of Android 14 this month. However, the company changed its plan in order to align the arrival of Android 14 with the Pixel 8 series in October. In between these, the company has launched the first Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 update for Pixel smartphones. It looks like Google has imitated the Maintenance Mode feature from Samsung.

Repair Mode is a part of the first beta version of Android 14 QPR1. It is quite a helpful feature that can be used while leaving a smartphone at a service center for repair. Notably, Google’s repair mode works differently as compared to Samsung’s Maintenance Mode. Google debuted the DSU (Dynamic System Update) with Android 10. According to Mishaal Rahman, the company might be using this feature. Your personal information is safe since DSU can boot a GSI (Generic System Image), a fresh operating system copy.

Previously, DSU couldn’t be used this way. However, the company might have modified DSU to create Repair Mode. When enabled, it offers whoever uses the phone for repair a fresh copy of the operating system. The device owner can lock the phone in repair mode, protecting their personal information from unauthorized users.

The company might roll out the Repair Mode to all Android smartphones in the future. Samsung phones feature the Maintenance Mode running Android 13 or newer versions. Well, this is not the first time since Google has copied several features from Samsung in the past. It seems like Samsung has the upper hand most of the time.

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