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Dockalizer app keeps your frequently used apps instantly available

An app was discovered recently called Dockalizer. This app helps keep your frequently used apps readily available if you need them.

Dockalizer app keeps your frequently used apps readily available

Although this program isn’t quite new, its creator has been making improvements over time. It’s currently quite helpful. Dockalizer functions as a floating dock that you can use. Basically, it can be seen on any screen.

To achieve this, simply press and hold the power key. Considering that this is the same way you would call Google Assistant (on many phones), it might not be the best choice if you utilize Google Assistant. If not, even though it serves a completely different purpose, this app is an excellent substitute for the power key.

You can certainly change that dock if you want to. There are options for how many apps to display as well as their transparency. The edges of the cock are also observable.

Background color and transparency can be altered

The developer also created some dock themes, which are essentially just different color schemes. The dock’s background can be customized however you like, and you can adjust the transparency to achieve the ideal appearance for your setup.

Why not use that power key to your advantage, as many people still do not use Google Assistant?

Basically, this program can increase your productivity, and setting it up doesn’t take very long at all. The app is not free, that much is true. If you want it, you’ll have to spend $0.99 to receive it. But since that is a one-time purchase, it’s not that awful. Just in case you were seeking a similar Android app, it can be grabbed from the Play Store.

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