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Samsung’s NEON Project Will Revolutionize Digital Media World With Realistic Human Avatars

NEON characters

Samsung’s NEON project is unveiled during the CES 2020, the project is being developed by Samsung owned STAR Labs, the project NEON is humanoid avatar/character which is generated digitally able to look and emote like a human, the STAR Labs calls it “Artificial Human.”

The project had received some leaks previously which shows how the company is working on human-like digital characters, the human simulations are powered by the STAR Labs Core R3 platform (the 3 R’s represent Reality, Real-time and Responsive). SPECTRA on the other hand powers NEON’s intelligence, Emotions, Learning, and Memory.

The idea of NEON is to create an artificial service representative or a concierge to help answer real-world questions or assist humans in various situations.

You might have seen the movie The Time Machine (2002), the humanoid library assistant is what they are actually after. The company STAR Labs also promises to make it a reality where you watch the whole movie with synthetic actors.

 Here is the video which tells the whole story;

The original feed of human characters was created using real human videos and not originally computer-generated, but we don’t know yet exactly how the NEON created characters would actually look like and react.

According to STAR Labs, the NEON is unlike most AI-Assistants, you cannot ask the NEON characters for weather, news simple things. The NEON would be able to speak multiple languages, start a conversation and according to the company it even passed the Turing test.

The Turing test basically intercepts and makes a distinction between humans and computers if the test fails. If the Turing test is passed you may not make a distinction between humans and computers because they are behaving the same way. Still, there are many confusions about the project until it launches officially, the company plans to release the beta project for a small number of partners by the end of 2020.

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