Samsung’s New 360 Round camera has 17 lenses and $10,500 price tag

After Gear 360 which could capture high-definition 4K 360-degree videos, Samsung has now unveiled its new “Samsung 360 Round” camera has 17 lenses could create an immersive experience for you that you could have never captured at 360-degree.

However, the camera ostensibly comes with a heavy price tag, $10,500 is a serious issue for many amateur photographers and video makers, but professionals can buy the bet if it delivers the astonishingly immersive experience.

The device is equipped with two pairs of eight lenses and one in the centre, Samsung says, the 360 Round is specifically designed for professionals and enthusiasts to capture, Livestream 3D videos and especially creating for VR content.

The device is bulky and roughly the size of football not round though, Samsung is now looking into the future gadgets of VR and AR, Samsung has recently launched “Linux on Galaxy” which enables smartphones to run Linux on them using Samsung DeX, you can turn your phone into the desktop computer with this technology. After Gear VR and 360 cameras, the 360 Round could be the first choice of developers, professionals and enthusiasts working on VR.

Samsung is reportedly working on 360 Round since 2014 it was known as project beyond at that time. The camera has dust and water resistance which could be rated IP65, Samsung will launch the product in the United States later this month, other countries might see a delay.

Samsung 360 Round Specifications

Dimensions: 205mm X 205mm X 76.8mm

Weight: 1.93 Kg. (4.25 lbs)

17 cameras at 2 megapixels, with f1.8 aperture

Video resolution: 30fps per lens and up to 4096 X 2048

Memory: 10GB (LPDDR3) and 40GB (eMMC)

External storage: 256GB (up to 2TB on SSD)

Microphones: 6 internal (Spatial Audio) and 2 external

Water and dust resistant IP65 and USB-C port

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