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Sarahah App Becomes Top Free App On App Store Beating YouTube, Instagram And Snapchat

Sarahah App came in to being in February and in just a few months the App has become the most famous app amongst the users.

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Why and How?

Yes, the big question is why and how the app did become so popular in just a short duration. Well, the answer lies in the purpose of the App. Once a user downloads the App via Google Play Store or App Store, one can easily sign up and then share ID with friends & family. After that users would receive anonymous messages all revolving around him/her.

Yes, this is the reason that Sarahah app has become so famous. It makes one feel that the whole world is talking about them. The user receives compliments or criticism, it doesn’t matter. What matter is that the users feel a sense of accomplishment that the world is talking about them. It further enhances the narcissistic characteristic in an individual.

In February Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian developer released Sarahah as a website but then thought it would become more recognized as an App. So on June 13, Sarahah was launched as an App on Google Play Store and App Store, from then on it became viral.

Now, all it sounds pretty amazing but before you download the App we need to inform you that the App is also being used as a tool for cyber bullying. As anybody can send any message to the recipient, it is being misused and many reports of cyber bullying have been registered. So make sure you understand how the App works before you download it.

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