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Reddit: Rolling out Video Sharing feature soon


You are more likely to know about Reddit in the event that you are using the web for some time. Reddit figured out how to keep up its group engagement without playing with its outline and keeping it moderate. Nonetheless, there were a few elements that users truly needed to see on the stage, one of those astonishing elements is Reddit’s immediate video sharing factor. Reddit had been focusing on prerequisite and it began dealing with video facilitating usefulness since June. Today there local video element is at long last launched on their site.

The organization has as of late gotten $200 million round of financing esteeming its business at $1.8 billion. Prior posting video on Reddit was a tedious procedure as it was done through outsider administrations. In June video transferring highlight was launched for beta analyzers in few chose groups. Later site enabled more groups to test their beta. Presently, this component will end up plainly accessible for its “safe for work” groups.

Reddit video support for desktop, iOS, and Android

Video transfers are perfect with all stages, including desktop, iOS and Android. For desktop, users can pick a video record and transfer it specifically to the site. For Reddit’s authentic portable applications, users can transfer the video from their phone display. On portable applications, users will likewise have the capacity to trim the transferred recordings and GIFs.

Video files like MP4 and MOV are facilitated and length of up to 15 minutes. Forum users will have the capacity to watch these recordings and post remarks or read remarks all the while. With the dispatch of its own video facilitating the service won’t limit users from sharing recordings from stages like YouTube and Dailymotion.

In a blog post, it explained:

You can record video within the official Reddit apps or select a pre-recorded video from your gallery and upload it to Reddit.

  • On the desktop, you can select a video from your files to upload.
  • Allowed video file types are MP4 and MOV, with a maximum length of 15 minutes.
  • You can convert uploaded videos into MP4 gifs with our native gif converter.
  • On the mobile apps, you can trim uploaded videos and gifs to just the section you want to feature.
  • Best of all, you can watch Reddit video while you read comments and engage in conversation. (Check it out by clicking this post and scrolling down.)

As duly noted, the component is still in beta, in any case, now it is broadly accessible to users. Reddit will be gathering input and it guarantees additional updates in the coming months.

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