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Scale Up Your Business with Shopify Product Filter & Search App

The world of eCommerce is extremely competitive. With numerous sites offering similar products at attractive rates, businesses must focus on customer experience. The convenience and comfort of shopping from anywhere continue to lure thousands towards online stores. But, not every brand or store is equally profitable.

What makes a store retain customers and attract more people toward its offerings?

The product list alone cannot fulfill this objective. Internet users are extremely impatient. If they do not find products within a few seconds, they prefer to switch over to competitor sites. But, if you use Shopify product filter & search, you can improve customer experiences significantly and scale up your online business faster.

What Makes Search Filters Efficient Tools for Boosting Sales?

Studies reveal the use of smart and user-friendly search filters motivates users to stay on product pages for longer. Since it delivers faster and more relevant product recommendations, customers are more likely to proceed to the purchase page.

The intuitive search filters also have the capacity to find products even if the name is misspelled. In the absence of an efficient product filter, the search option will return no results. Such responses are enough to turn away customers from your site.

The on-site search facility enables users to easily pick products. It is capable of delivering the right products at the right time, thereby facilitating a faster ordering process. Such improvements also phenomenally enhance the conversion rate. Therefore, your site search must be optimized to meet customer demands.

Understanding customer requirements is key to offering an engaging experience. It automatically drives more customers to your online store, increases repeat customers and improve brand loyalty. This, in turn, boosts sales like never before.

Features of Intuitive Search Filters

Multiple product filters can be used to facilitate searches on e-commerce sites. It is generally based on the kind of goods or services being offered by the company. Let’s check out some of the most advantageous features of smart search filters:

Various filtering options: Even while choosing products, customers have varied preferences. While some might try to find clothes based on size, others may be looking for a particular color. Therefore, filters based on size, color, price, brand, type, collection, etc. may be extremely useful. Customers can easily pick a filter of their choice and instantly search for any product.

Smarter product search options: Shopify product filter and search apps enable online sites to present more relevant results within shorter timeframes. The advanced solution has an auto-complete window that can turn up results instantly. Wildcard partial search is also a beneficial tool that is designed to improve customer experience.

Customers can use the smart search options to find products based on SKU, product tags, brands, etc. with autocomplete action. Even if the spelling is incorrect or the product name is typed inaccurately, it will offer relevant suggestions to customers.

Similarly, a search suggestion dictionary can be used to suggest better search terms. To improve sales, customers can also be redirected to other pages, to facilitate upselling or cross-selling. Based on customer preferences, synonymous words can also be used in search suggestions.

Unique features: Online shopping sites can also include unique features based on the shopping history of customers. You can create product filters based on specific tags, varied layouts, and collection pages. The analytical reports generated by apps also help companies to improve their search facilities. Smart search options also help to display large amounts of products in a concise manner.  

How to Make the Internal Search Function Effective?

To make the internal search function of your online store effective, focus on its design. The search bar should be easily visible and should not be hidden behind the small magnifying glass. If the user cannot find the bar instantly, it may prompt the customer to leave the page. Instead of searching for the bar, the shopper may move to a competitor site and your sales would automatically drop.

Autocomplete options direct users to results faster. A dropdown list of words or context may offer useful suggestions for the user. It also eliminates search steps, allowing users to immediately reach the product page with one click.

Sometimes a set of matching products are displayed for certain search queries. It is an important step for narrowing the search and effortlessly navigating to the product page. Powerful machine learning tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be built into online stores to improve customer experience. It understands the intent of a customer and displays results accordingly. Therefore, with a dynamic product filter and search option, you can considerably boost sales and reach more customers.