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5 Secrets You Must Explore Before Joining Other Freelancers in Pakistan

Secrets for Young Freelancers in Pakistan

Do you know there are 7 million freelancers in Pakistan? And that Pakistan now stands at number 3 after the USA and India?

Sounds good! You’d be yearning to join the many freelancers in Pakistan, right?

But you must hold your horses and digest some secrets before diving into the pool of freelancers.

Secrets to Learn Before Joining Freelancers in Pakistan

Numbers Are Rising

This image is taken from a renowned freelancing website.

Freelancers in Pakistan - Users and Jobs (1)

Figures on right are the total number of jobs posted. And on the left are the registered users. This is not a big deal.

Now, check the below image.

Freelancers in Pakistan - Users and Jobs (2)

I took this not a minute after the first one. Did you feel the difference now?

With every passing minute. A new user is registered and so as a new job is posted on this website. Job hunters (as always) are higher than then job providers.

This is the very first thing you should look for whenever you plan to start your career as a freelancer.

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The Numbers Are Not Real

Let’s get back to the above image once again and see if the figures shown are absolute.

The projects/jobs posted are deemed to be live, awarding, and doesn’t include any test project. However, the team behind this freelancing website can’t monitor every job, right away. They would need a freelancer to report a fake or un-awarding job to remove it from their system.

Consider the image below:

Pakistani Freelancer

This job was posted recently. A job provider asking to pay more for a deposit now. This sound strange.

Although, the job provider claims to repay, but it’s uncertain that he/she would do it.

So one thing is pretty clear; not all the numbers shown in the images above are realistic.

You will not encounter many such jobs. But you need to be well-aware of such imposters. And when you do, don’t forget to report the authorities (not the legal).

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You Have Limited Bids

Freelance Websites

New freelancers in Pakistan, usually go with the free account on freelancing websites. And it’s wise to follow this trend. Free accounts give you a chance to learn everything about these websites.

You can send your bids, take some tests, and do more. But there would be some limitations with the free accounts.

So, if you want to grow your business, you’d have to choose the paid version. With paid version, you’d send more bids, highlight your bid, add as many skills as you can, and lots more to enjoy.

Then there are some jobs which would require a test to be passed before sending your application (bid). And most of these tests don’t come for free.

Now when you’re new and don’t have sufficient investment, you won’t be able to take these perks. And with a free account, it’s really hard to score a client as there big fishes out there.

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Don’t Go For A Negative Review

To gain popularity, you need reviews from your clients. And this can only be done after the successful completion of an assigned job.

Reviews for Freelancers

The above image is an example of a bad review. There could be a dispute, a poor work done or delivering the task after deadline

You don’t want a review like this. It’s better not to have any then to have a negative feedback from a client. And one single bad review could put clients in doubts.

To avoid such a thing try not to:

  1. Bid for a project you can’t complete
  2. Apply for a project not matching your skill
  3. Sending your application without understanding the project

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Payment Not Made

The worst that could happen to a freelancer is; a client refusing to pay.

While these freelancing websites try to resolve issues, there are several cases where a client won’t agree to pay rest of the balance.

To avoid such a case, you can take some risk measurements to minimize the threat of not being paid:

  1. Ask for a milestone upfront
  2. Go with a client who’s a verified more of payment
  3. Bid on projects which have good reviews.

Where this still can’t assure a risk-free work environment, it will reduce the risk of deceiving to a minimum level.

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Do You Still Want To Become A Freelancer?

A research told that in 2015 over 57,420,000 Pakistanis were seen to be working on a contract basis. The average income of a high-salaried employee was seen to be PKR 43,600/month. This income level previously was PKR 51,100/month.

The income level has gone down as compared to expenses. This is making Pakistanis think of other ways of earning/financing their household expenses. But if you think that freelancing alone could save you from troubles, you need to explore the above-mentioned secrets yourself.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that freelancers in Pakistan don’t have a promising future. But they must act wisely when thinking of quitting their full-time job and becoming a freelancer.

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