Flying Cabs to be Seen in Dubai from July 2017

Flying Cabs - EHang 184
If you’re bored of traveling on wheels, then flying cabs would do the job.

Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai recently announced that they will be releasing flying cabs from July. This driverless (pilot-free) flying cab would be able to carry one person weighing less than 220 pounds (100 kg) and a small suitcase.

The chairman RTA, Mattar Al Tayer shared this news at the World Government Summit 2017. “I am glad to inform you that hopefully, we will be able to have these drones available starting July 2017,” said the chairman.

This small –sized drone is named EHang 184 and was invented by a Chinese company EHang.

The drone was previously displayed in Los Angeles at CES International and had given a short test trip to 100 men to finally reach the skies of Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president and prime minister of the UAE said that he wishes a 25% driverless transport system by 2030 in Dubai.

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“Dubai is leading cities of the world and making a qualitative paradigm shift to harness artificial intelligence in the service of the humanity and set a world unparalleled model for future cities, and is evolving into a global laboratory for technology,” Sheikh said.

EHang 184 is controlled by a 4G mobile internet, has a fully-charged battery, and can cover short sky distances with a speed of 62 miles an hour.

Where a few days back, RTA bought 200 Tesla electric cars from Elon Musk, with an aim to keep the environment clean, Dubai is on the move to welcome Artificial Intelligence in the society.This welcoming note from the Sheikh will allow other such companies to spread their inventions and make Dubai a growing market of AI.

This initiative by the Sheikh of Dubai will allow other such companies to spread their inventions and make Dubai a growing market of AI.

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