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Selfllery turns your social media likes into cryptocurrency


Every one of those likes via web-based networking media may be worth more than individual gratification. Today, December 22, Selfllery reported the pre-sale launch of its social platform by a similar name, a system that transforms likes into digital currency. Each like transforms into a “you token,” which users would then be able to use to make purchases from Selfllery’s store or even give to charity.

Selfllery produces income by offering those uploaded photographs and videos as stock content, while a framework in view of user activity decides how much a client gets for each like on their photograph. A client’s profile rating decides what number of “you tokens” a like is worth, with the scores (and rates) expanding in view of the aggregate number of likes, comments, and views over all that user’s content, and additionally factors like participating in photograph challenges and getting top ratings. That implies the more dynamic a user is, the more those preferences are worth.

Not at all like a conventional stock photo platform, Selfllery says, clients don’t need to hold up 30-60 days to really see their prizes, with ‘you tokens’ granted quickly.

So what would you be able to really purchase with you tokens? There’s a Selfllery market place for clients to spend their tokens launching in May 2018 and the stage will be available to any vendor to create an assortment of choices.

Selfllery makes the “likes” worth actual amount

Clients can likewise pick a rate to give to charity. Tokens are likewise useful for partaking in photograph challenges and quests, and thusly, winning one outcomes in significantly more tokens. Organizations can likewise utilize their tokens to take out promotions on the stage. You Tokens can likewise be changed over into money utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.

Selfllery requires no related knowledge in photography or learning of digital money in order to join. Blockchain innovation is utilized to enable clients to see where their tokens are originating from, and to add a layer of security to the framework.

Selfllery is a 2016 startup and now its social forum is launching in the underlying pre-deal shape, welcoming early users to attempt the stage, with the guarantee of extra tokens granted, just to early users at the full launch. Registration is open on the Selfllery site and inside the Android application, while the Initial Coin Offering is planned for March. Later on, the stage intends to grow past simply still photographs, including support for video and live-streams.

The social app’s likes for-money platform gives off an impression of being a somewhat one of a kind framework, with the nearest alternatives being Periscope’s likes for-money choice, while different stages like EyeEm blend stock photographs and social.

Early clients can join from the web or inside the Selfllery application from the Google Play store before the full dispatch.

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