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Facebook closes music deal with Universal Music Group (UMG)

Facebook has recently inked an agreement with popular music label which will allow Facebook users to share and post music on the network.

This deal would address the copyright issues on the platform, Facebook has signed a multiyear deal with the Universal Music Group (UMG). This deal would curb the unauthorized use of music and artists, allowing users more freedom to share.

The companies said they were already working on new music products, Facebook now eyes YouTube when it comes to music sharing, according to UMG the agreement was unprecedented and the terms were not disclosed.

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Facebook was previously forced by Universal to remove the posts from the platform contained copyrighted material and covers of their artists, Universal represents prominent artists such as Jay-z and Taylor Swift.

The most interesting part is the statement from Universal Music Group Executive vice president of digital strategy, Michael Nash he said UMG and Facebook are making a collaborative effort to build a new dynamic model between social platforms and music companies. This way we will protect the interests of recording artists and songwriters and enhance their experience, fan following on social media.”

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After this deal the users would be able to access a huge library of music, said the companies. The deal is not only on Facebook it also covers Oculus and Instagram. The companies are also working on the products for Facebook messaging services.