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Shoaib Akhter Announces to Play PSL Matches

The Pakistan Super League PSL 2019 season is starting soon on Thursday February 14 when Islamabad United the former champions play its first match against Lahore Qalandars.

It’s quite late for Shoaib Akhter to announce his entry to PSL League, but he has recently sent a video message on Twitter threatening all the players and calling them kids. He said that he is coming to PSL to let everyone know what “Fast Bowling” is.

He still believes after many years of retirement that he can play among youngsters and tell everyone how to bowl.

Shoaib Akhtar fans on twitter admired his courage and asked him to join the league to see him bowling, however, some commentators said this is not true as Shoaib Akhter is only entertaining his followers on social media and securing some publicity.

Some people still believe what Shoaib Akhter said on Twitter is true and considered it good news. Let’s see what Shoaib Akhter be doing in the PSL matches, get ready for his action on Thursday in Dubai.