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Siemens Pakistan to gear up local manufacturing in Pakistan with new product line

Siemens Pakistan has focused more on local manufacturing in Pakistan with a new product line for the company’s latest technology in air-insulated switchgear, the “NXAIR”. It is locally produced at Siemens Karachi manufacturing facility, the NXAIR is a medium-voltage switchgear which is an essential part of reliable, safe and efficient power distribution in cities, buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants.

Helmut von Struve, managing director at Siemens Pakistan said in a statement, “We’re proud of supporting “Made in Pakistan” with a new production line in Karachi, we are bringing the very latest in switchgear technology to the local market.” The new production facility also enables knowledge transfer and skills development, supporting our local talent pool and positioning Pakistan to become a manufacturing leader in the region—he added”

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The new production line will help supply infrastructure development in Pakistan, the production line operates according to Siemens global manufacturing standards. It will allow Siemens to build and streamline its logistics in the country, support economic development, bring technology to the market faster and impart knowledge.

The latest version of NXAIR offers flexibility, low operation, and maintenance costs and high personal safety providing more reliable power distribution to the large units including data centers, electrical, manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industry. Additionally, NXAIR can be customized according to individual needs such as challenging climate conditions, air humidity, extreme temperatures, dust, gases, salts and chemically active vapors.

Siemens Pakistan has been contributing actively in the country’s development since its inception in the 1920s, the company now employs more than 700 people across Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.