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You Want Home Robot? Amazon is working on it

Amazon is reportedly working on first home robot Bloomberg reported, according to the report, Amazon is developing a home robot with a codename “Vesta” they named it after the Roman Goddess of the heath. The robot is being developed by Lab126 which is Amazon’s R&D and hardware center, the previous projects are done by the lab includes Kindle, Echo and Fire Phone.

However, there are no definite details on the robot yet, how it looks like and what purpose it will serve, but the Bloomberg’s report suggests it would be a walking or mobile Alexa. The robot would be following people around the house where they can easily communicate to Echo speaker, ask it to do the tasks they require.

Amazon has built the prototype robots that reportedly have computer vision software and camera integrated for navigation, the company is also said to be planning to install devices in employee’s homes by the end of the year. The public might be able to test those prototypes as early 2019.

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Since we have scarce details about the Amazon robot and what the company is planning actually to offer you. But for sure it is not something like a complete AI enabled robot which can perform a variety of home chores. The technology requires this type of robot doesn’t exist yet on a commercial level, though Verge reported that Boston Dynamics is working on that technology.

However, Mobile Echo could be very handy for Amazon as well as for users, the robot will allow the virtual assistant to take the more personal role and stay with their users when they require. The CEO of iRobot, maker of Roomba, told The Verge last week that mobile home robots will become more important in the future and even more useful. The data they collect used to make the smart home more intuitive as well. If a robot can map your house then giving it commands like “Turn off the lights in the kitchen” make more sense.

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Until now, we cannot say what Amazon’s intentions are, taking this product, it could also be a flop like a Fire phone or it could set the new standards in building smart homes only the time will tell, stay tuned for the updates.