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Signal Encountered Down Time And Errors After Huge Influx Of Users

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The Signal messenger service reports that all of the provider’s services have been restored. Signal had previously struggled with massive technical difficulties because the platform could not cope with the new influx of users.

Reduced overload, service is running

According to the Reuters news agency, Signal was able to react quickly and largely eliminated the technical problems. Some problems persist, but there is a solution. Signal is one of the beneficiaries that WhatsApp had announced somewhat unfortunate changes to terms and conditions. The result was that many users signed up for alternative services such as Telegram, Viber, Threema, or Signal and turned their backs on WhatsApp.

Problems increased for days

The unfamiliar flood of new users watched the signal overloaded and there were a number of problems until the service could finally hardly be used. Since Saturday (January 16) everything should run as usual at Signal. But there are a few aftermaths. Android users report that they are getting an error message that indicates that their connection is not secure (“bad encrypted message”). According to Signal, this is not the case at all, just a problem after reconnecting to service.

If you get a similar error message, it is more likely that you have a pending message from a contact. The reception was temporarily disturbed so that the chats are only now being updated again. Signal has announced that it will release an update for the apps that will end the problem. The bug did not affect the security of the chat, the company added. The simplest tip is to look for the item Reset Session in the menu and thus re-initiate the connection.

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  1. I was sure they’ll fix the issue soon, but who can be sure that it won’t happen again. Telegram still works, but I also mentioned some falls in work the latest days. I’ve also mentioned that many users choose Utopia p2p also. It’s not so popular, but being blockchain based looks like a really secured alternative without data loss cases.

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