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Sim Update 9 Causes Flight Simulator To Crash: Patch Released

The previous Sim Update 9 not only brought many technical benefits to Flight Simulator players but also some serious bugs crept in. Microsoft is now releasing another patch that should at least reduce crashes on the desktop. Hobby pilots noticed the Crash to Desktop (CTD) problem, especially when using the Microsoft Flight Simulator world map. If packages or content were downloaded in the background at the same time, crashes occurred in this context.

More than 14 days after the bug occurred, the patch has now been released and can no longer be described as a hotfix, but it should at least fix the bug for now. Microsoft also promises to intensify future beta testing to identify issues like these as early as the testing phase. More technical innovations will become available for Flight Simulator with Sim Update 10 in July 2022. Until then, Microsoft and Asobo will release two more World Updates, most of which will advertise a graphics polish for certain regions, including Italy and Malta. The highly anticipated “Top Gun” DLC is also slated to release on May 25th. Finally, the developers will focus on the integration of two new aircraft that have come to be known as “Local Legend”. Exact details about this are not yet available.

Changelog Flight Simulator Patch

  • Fixed several crashes on the world map
  • Fixed crashes at airports that have a beacon but no runway (e.g. BIKF)
  • Fixed an issue where the Flight Simulator peripherals would not work when creating sim objects
  • Fixed a crash when placing vectors when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed LOD streaming on vector placement in Scenery editor
  • Fixed flickering of the windshield when the display scale was not set to 100%
  • Fix CGL update sequence to ensure custom CGL files are loaded correctly
  • ATC Azure TTS goes silent while playing
  • Fixed crashes when receiving SimConnect messages after closing in WASM