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Sims 4 Fixed: High School Add-on “Incest Bug” With Patch

The recent High School Years expansion for The Sims 4 contained a bug that caused family members to develop sexual feelings for other family members, such as wanting to go out. With a patch, EA has now stopped this behavior, which quickly became known as the “incest bug”.

No more longing for relatives

The trigger for the bug was the simulation’s desire and fear system, which was reintroduced with the new expansion when it was released at the end of July this year. Because even though entering into a relationship between family members was still not possible as it always has been, the Sims developed feelings (desires) for other family members – such as their own sister or brother – which then could not be satisfied, creating fears.

Until now, the only way for players to prevent this behavior was to manually disable the desire and fear system. The patch also prevents adult Sims from sending inappropriate messages to teenage Sims via the game’s virtual Social Bunny app, which was also inadvertently introduced by the expansion.

Eliminated aging too quickly

Another serious bug where Sims aged way too fast after character creation or kept getting younger has also been fixed by the patch. The update is now available for the PC, Mac, and console versions of the game. Patch Notes (PC: 1.90.375.1020 / Mac: 1.90.375.1220 / Console: 1.62)

  • Sims 4
  • Short-lived or long-lived Sims no longer get younger or more dramatic when they leave Create a Sim.
  • The ‘Ask for Girlfriend/Boyfriend’ wish now targets eligible Sims. Adult Sims will no longer tag teens in Social Bunny’s flirty posts.
  • All available Sims can now be selected to travel, even if they are not currently on the current lot.
  • GetFamous
  • Sims without Fame don’t seem to have it every now and then.
  • High School Years
  • Sims can now walk through the I Was a Teenage Garbage Artist pile of junk.

The Sims 4 was released in 2014

Even nearly eight years after the release of The Sims 4 on September 4, 2014, the Maxis life simulation is not only getting updates but also expansions on an ongoing basis. “High School Years” is now the twelfth expansion of the main game and is sold for 39.99 euros.

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