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SmartThings announced Matter integration to reorganize smart homes

Samsung announced its support for the new Matter smart home standard (earlier CHIP) by the start of this year. It promised to bring the Matter in correspondence with the SmartThings. Last week, during SDC 2022, the South Korean firm announced the launch of Matter support by the end of this year. As of today, Samsung has declared that Support for Matter is live on SmartThings.  

In accordance with the above statement, the updated version of the SmartThings app support Matter. The app will help the users to control Matter-compatible smart home devices. Similarly, an OTA update will be used for second and third-generation SmartThings Hubs as well as the Aeotec Smart Home Hub to provide them with support for Matter. If you select Samsung refrigerator on your smartphone display. Your smart TVs will behave as SmartThings Hubs, provided with full Matter support.

To bring full integration with Google Home, SmartThings uses support for the Multi-Admin feature. Thus, indicating that both smart home networks are completely suitable and befitting for one another. For instance, if you add a smart home product to one platform, it will be shown in the other app when you open the app.

Corporate Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, Jaeyeon Jung, mentions that the company is shifting the trend from basic connectivity to building incredible experiences. According to him, Matter holds a significant value in the future. As it allows freedom of choice as well as compatibility. He marked the major step by the company as a milestone towards the adoption of a mass smart home.

CSA is an organization concerned with marketing as well as the development of Matter. Various tech companies like Google, Apple, IKEA, TCL, Toshiba, OPPO, and several others are part of this organization. Samsung is reported to be one of the earliest members of CSA. Apple has announced Matter support with various of its devices including watchOS 9.1, tvOS 16.1, HomePod 16.1 software updates, iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1, and macOS Ventura. Similarly, Google and Amazon have also announced their integration for the Matter support. Once all the tech firms get fully involved with Matter support the experience will be much comfier and handy for the users. since they could use and control smart home devices from any platform.

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