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Samsung launches its first SmartThings home in Dubai

Like various tech products and gadgets, the devices for the home are getting better. Given the advancements in technology, several products that make our daily lives are introduced. Different companies have stepped into the market of SmartThings. The most obvious is Samsung. Samsung has incorporated various markets around the globe. The company and business are ever-expanding. Quite recently, i.e., earlier this month Samsung launched its first SmartThings home in Dubai.  

It is said to be the first-of-its-kind multi-Device experience space in the Middle East. This space is adjacent to the headquarters of Samsung in the Middle East. The place is divided into four distinct zones. These are:

  • Home office
  • Gaming and Contents Studio
  • Living room
  • Kitchen

Additionally, the visitors can experience connecting the SmartThings to different devices. The products range from mobile phones to display products and home appliances.

Exclusive zones like Prayer Mode and Sandstorm Mode have been created for local customers. The team behind these specific scenarios is the Samsung Electronics Middle East Headquarters and Samsung Research’s Samsung R&D Institute in Jordan.

Sandstorm Mode

The Sandstorm mode enables customers to cover their windows with smart blinds. Thus, blocking the dust and keeping the inner environment clean and healthy. Additionally, it is also equipped with an indoor purifier. The robotic vacuum cleaner cleans up the space.

Pray Mode

In the Prayer Mode, the smartphone notifies the users when it is time to pray. It is then required to turn on the Prayer Mode on the SmartThings app. As soon as the mode turns on, it activates the smart blinds. In addition to this, the lighting is adjusted, TV is turned off. Thus, creating an optimized space for praying.  

Content Creation Studio

The Content Creation Studio enables users to control various devices, TVs, and lighting. It is activated with the click of just one button on the SmartThings app.

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