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Snapchat Bringing Television Series To Its App

Snapchat has come up with a new idea as it is bringing television series to its app.

And Yes! It is high time for Snapchat to bring something new to maintain and grab more audience. With WhatsApp Status feature taking Snapchat stories audience, having similar concepts, Snapchat was bound to come up with an alien idea for its own survival.

It has been reported that Snapchat has signed deals with producers and directors of various TV channels including BBC, ABC, ESPN, NBC Universal, A+E Networks & Discovery. Once this gets going something in between TV material and social media videos would be created.

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The concept is of a TV series on Snapchat but it would be of short duration around 3 to 5 mints, so that the attention of the audience does not divert. Moreover in a social media platform dialogue and participation from the audience is important. So they would be made part of this process through videos. Snap is willing for couple of episodes of original shows that would be placed in the Stories section of the app. Genre for creating TV episodes is not restricted. From drama to horror, fiction, cartoons, any creative theme is encouraged.

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