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Snapchat Spectacles signify first contribution to hardware

Snapchat spectacles

Everyone these days is addicted to Snapchat. It’s the most popular social networking app. The 10 second snaps and videos provide fun ways for users to interact with their family and friends. Snapchat has officially launched its very own glasses, now. The glasses aren’t called SnapGlass like the rumors told but go by the name of Spectacles. Snapchat Spectacles are glasses that come with a camera fitted in it. The camera can record videos in first-person for up to 10 seconds like the app.

Snapchat Spectacles will hit the market in fall

According to the Wall Street Journal the launch of Snapchat’s hardware will be these glasses. Spectacles will go on sale this fall for $129.99. They are only available in one size but the company at least decided to provide color variety. It will be available in black, teal and coral-all of which are very preppy colors.

The Snapchat Spectacles have a button on the side which will capture videos. The videos will then be wirelessly synced to the user phone. They can then be shared as a snap through the regular mobile app. The lens used in Snapchat Spectacles is 115 degree which coincides with the human eye natural field of view. No details have been released on how the snap would appear on the app or be shared with other users.

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The glasses are very limited in stock and so users will have a hard time getting their hands on a pair. This move is similar to Google Glass, the glasses that are officially on sale but in limited stock.


Snapchat is also renaming the company to Snap. Inc. The move to rename company signifies a transition into new realms of technology. Spiegel explained to WSJ that this renaming is a move to expand purview. Snapchat is now not only limited to an app but is planning much more.

Image via BusinessInsider