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Youtube Monetization in Pakistan promises big revenue

Youtube is a video sharing website that is very popular in Pakistan. It is a source for both entertainment and information. Previously, Youtube did not allow monetization in Pakistan. The videos uploaded can be used with Google AdSense for monetization but this is reserved for certain markets. Pakistan is now a part of the Youtube monetization market. Google, the parent company of Youtube has now allowed monetization of videos published in Pakistan. This a positive step for digital content creators because Youtube monetization in Pakistan will generate more opportunites. Google publishers announced in an event at IBA that publishers can now monetize their content on Youtube but should have an approved AdSense account. To enable Youtube monetization follow the procedure, below:

How to Enable YouTube monetization in Pakistan

  • Login in your YouTube account
  • Go to this URL: https://www.youtube.com/features
  • Enable First card that says “Monetization”
  • Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions
  • Connect your AdSense account with YouTube
  • And its all done

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Youtube did not allow monetization in Pakistan before and this is a significant move in attracting new publishers in the digital content market. The company has given specific guideline on how the content should be and what regulations have to be adhered to. Copyright violation would lead to a permanent ban on the Adsense account. There is a specific algorithm that Youtube runs in order to detect if there is a copyright violation or a blatant copy of someone elses work.

This move will lead to new revenue opportunities for publishers residing in Pakistan. Google publishers discussed the AdSense and AdMob with the attendees. There were around 1100 registrations for the event where they discussed new revenue possibilities for digital publishers in Pakistan.

Advertisers and Publishers in Pakistan are now a part of a major monetization market.

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