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Snapchat Working on “Stories Everywhere” Feature for Sharing Content Outside Snap Platform

As per the reports of the live streaming news network Cheddar, Snapchat is working on the making of a new feature that would permit users to share their stories outside the Snapchat platform. The feature would be called “Stories Everywhere”. The feature is being made to encourage the application’s presence much beyond the mobile app as the competition with Instagram and Facebook has increased.

Since its introduction, it has witnessed a decreasing revenue and a fester user growth pattern. This owes to many reasons including Facebook’s capability of copying Snapchat’s core feature offerings and launching them on more famous and widely-accessible platforms like Instagram.

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Snapchat has been occupied with the commitment to making the app a much friendlier product beginning with the redesign which has now launched but available for only a few percent of users. The redesign included much more focused Discover feed—where the users could enjoy news and entertainment from professional print, TV and online outlets.

It is still unclear that how much this redesign be affecting the overall user growth, but it is apparent that the company is engaged at boosting the app’s presence both for its user-developed and professionally made content throughout the wider web ecosystem.

According to Cheddar, Rahul Chopra—Ex-CEO of Storyful and an executive at the News Corp is taking care of the project “Stories Everywhere” with the focus on increasing the consumer growth and on making Snapchat a more attractive destination for news, editorial content, sports and other premium videos. The idea behind this feature is that shared videos on internet or news sites or elsewhere would make more people sign up for the app.

Cheddar indicated that exactly like this Twitter back in 2011 made its Tweets to be done off-platform for the first time.

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