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Snapchat’s drones are being recalled as per safety concerns regarding its battery

Social media platform is selling a tiny drone, Snap’s Pixy drone, that is bright yellow and is ready to assist you in taking more captivating pictures to post on the app. It only weighted 101 grams, making it significantly smaller than the typical drone. It was a simple gadget, but coming from a company that is primarily recognized for software, it was an intriguing concept. Due to battery safety concerns, Snap is now recalling the Pixy drone; if you purchased one, you are eligible for a complete refund.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on social media that the drone’s lithium-ion batteries are being recalled, as per information via The Verge. This happens in response to Snap receiving four reports of the battery bulging and overheating. According to these reports, there was “one minor injury and one minor battery fire.”

Customers “should immediately stop using the Pixy Flying Camera, remove the battery, and stop charging it,” the report’s remaining sections advise. If you’ve purchased one, the company is offering refunds for the entire device, even if only the battery is at blame in this case. If you have a drone, it’s worth returning it in its entirety to receive a refund because it won’t operate with other batteries. Additionally, it states that it will function without payment evidence, thus you can proceed with this procedure even if yours was a gift.

If you purchased one, go to Snap’s website here to begin the recall procedure. You may also reach them via email at support@pixy.com or by calling the hotline at 800-269-6990. If you must go through this procedure, carefully review the company’s help website as the manufacturer prefers that you return the battery rather than the entire item. It advises using this website to discover a means to dispose of batteries properly instead of putting them in the battery recycling section of retailers, as it has stringent guidelines.

According to this estimate, the company sold over 71,000 batteries, indicating that it may have sold almost the same number of drones. Snap’s website allows you to purchase more batteries, so it’s possible that the company sold fewer drones overall than 71,000. Four months after its release, the product was terminated, but the brand kept selling its accessories till December 2023.

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