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Snore-Stopping Smart Bed Launches

Tempur launched a snore-stopping smart bed that has built-in sensors that can detect when you might be snoring and then it automatically adjusts the angle of your bed to try and stop it.

Almost 50% of people do have a snoring problem at some point in life as per the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. There are treatments for it like nasal strips, jaw-positioning devices, etc. But now you can buy Tempur-Ergo Smart bed to resolve this issue.

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The bed has sensors that lie below the mattress and above the adjustable base. The heart-rate and breathing pattern of the sleeper is used to recognize when the snoring might occur. It looks for indications of an elevated heart rate or labored breathing. Both of these situations indicated reduced oxygen intake from snoring.

Now that the snoring signals are picked by the bed, it elevates the head of the bed between 11 and 13 degrees, as per the situation. This aligns the airway and prevents any obstruction. It is a popular tactic to combat loud sleeping.

Also, the bed uses devices inside to measure the ambient temperature of the room, humidity, etc. The data is combined into a report that the sleeper can observe in the morning via an app. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze sleep patterns. If you want to learn more about how to treat snoring and improve your sleep, check out this article from pinetales.com.

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