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New Device Makes Use of Brain-Controlled VR Light to Induce Sleep

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It is a known fact these days that the technology of mobile phones and tablets could break the sleep system and, in some cases, could even lead to sleep deprivation. But researchers have made use of technology for creating a device that uses brain-controlled VR (virtual reality) to calm one to sleep.

The artists and researchers from the RMIT University in Australia have made a virtual reality tool that is controlled by the brain for inducing sleep.

Referred to as the Inter-Dream, the device mixes the ambient music-controlled by artists with kaleidoscopic visuals controlled by the brainwaves of the users via EEG.

The device was tested on 12 volunteers who had an EG monitor—or a device that measures the electrical brain activity—placed on their heads.

They were also fitted with a VR headset that contained artistically interpreted visualization of those brainwaves while the projector on the back wall also played a visualization, as per the reports of Fast Company.

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According to Engadget, the device gives different colours and properties to different brainwaves. Since the brainwaves are constantly varying, the visuals and colours change too, leading to a continuously moving mirage of shapes, colours and patterns.

The more active the brainwaves the more active would be the displays.

The concept of Inter-Dream is that people whose minds are most volatile just before bed have usually a harder time falling asleep. With the assistance of the live visuals of the brainwaves of the users, the device could easily calm them to sleep and assist them to learn to soothe their minds.

On testing, the researcher Nathan Semertzidis found that the participant reported a 21percent decrease in negative feelings and 55percent decrease in the feelings of fear after the use of Inter-Dream. The participants’ positive feelings increase up to 8percent and their feelings of calm and peace surged 13percent all of which leads to improved sleep.

Furthermore, Semertzidis said that more testing is needed before devices like Inter-Dream could actually be used, however, it is clearly visible that in some cases, technology could actually help one in sleeping better.

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