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Social Media: Naeem Younis Awan, A Telecom Engineer Is Missing Since Yesterday

News has been circulating on social media about yet another abduction. We still remember the kidnapping of that little girl, who thankfully returned home safe and sound and now another sad news has surfaced.

Umme Sarah, a lady has shared a Facebook post about her husband who is missing from yesterday.

Here is the post

‘My Husband, Naeem Younis Awan, Telecom Engineer, Graduate from NUST, is Missing since Yesterday. We got information from his office in E11, that some people came and took him along with them last night at 7:15 PM. My Husband Is a thorough Gentleman, a reputed Professional in the industry, an ideal Husband and Father and beloved Son of his Old Parents. If any his friends/colleagues can help in tracing his whereabouts, we would be really Obliged and thankful to them. I pray to Allah that we see him back with us soon.’



Let’s share this post as much as we can and help a man return back to his family. Our raised voices can pressurize the government and police to take action and help the girl in her time of distress.

Moreover, another point that needs to be talked about is that how abduction has become so easy in Pakistan? Is nobody safe? A person returning home from his office can be kidnapped so easily? A small girl is not safe even within her home premises? So let’s not go to work or go out for groceries because our authorities cannot protect us? Is this the solution now?  A point to ponder.

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