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Software Glitch At DHL Disrupted The Package Deliveries In Germany


The logistics company DHL was currently struggling with a more complicated problem. A software error ensures that Packstations simply do not want to hand out the packages that were stored there for

The error did not occur with shipments that were already addressed directly to a packing station. It was more difficult for recipients who were not found at home and therefore received a pick-up code because their shipment was now alternatively deposited in the packing station. The code was simply not suitable for opening the respective compartment.

According to a report by German media, Nordkurier errors are said to have occurred since the beginning of the week – nationwide at all over 6000 packing stations. DHL also admitted the matter and explained that the change of a function at the turn of the year caused the bug. From this Thursday, however, functioning codes should be issued again for alternative deliveries.

Code truncated

Compared to the blogger Günter Born told a user with that the error was probably to look for is that the output codes were simply too short. Two places were simply cut off when the notification was printed out. And without this, of course, you cannot enter a correct code. The result then consisted of people who stood irritated in front of the packing stations and could not get their packages.

Even if everything should work again from today, it is not yet clear how the recipients of the last few days will get their shipments. According to DHL, users of the app should receive a new code – so it makes sense to take a look at the application from time to time. It will be more difficult for everyone else. It probably boils down to a return. DHL may find another way to get the parcels to their recipients.

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