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Twitter blocks Trump: Mr President has to delete 3 tweets


A few hours ago, the micro-blogging service Twitter initiated a temporary suspension of US President Donald Trump’s user account. The company justified the move with 3 tweets in which Trump called for actions that resulted in violence.

As the security team from Twitter announced, due to the never-before-seen and persistently violent situation in Washington, DC, the decision was made to block US President Trump’s user account. The company accuses Trump of having repeatedly and profoundly violated Twitter’s so-called Civic Integrity Policy with three of his posts.

The account with the name @realDonaldTrump will now remain blocked until the tweets classified as rule violations by Twitter have been deleted. If the user or users delete the posts in question, the account will remain blocked for a further 12 hours as usual. Currently, the US president cannot use his known favourite mouthpiece.

Trump tweeted to storm the Capitol

If the Trump tweets classified as dangerous by Twitter are not deleted, the account will remain permanently blocked. It is apparently about tweets in which Trump called on his supporters to walk down the street to the US Capitol, the seat of government, and to gather in front of the building. He also called on them to “take back the country”.

Then, later in the afternoon, an unprecedented incident occurred when hundreds of Trump supporters forcibly gained access to the Capitol and illegally entered the building. The authorities have now cordoned off the site and driven the protesters out of the building. According to the police, a woman died as a result of a gunshot wound.

Trump had published a video in another tweet classified as problematic by Twitter, in which he praised the initiators of the riot. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are also taking action against the video and trying to delete copies of it. Instagram announced that it would delete all posts from participants in the incidents. 

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