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Some other TV brands could also introduce self-charging remotes as introduced by Samsung

Samsung launches new environmentally friendly TV remote control: get power from direct light and Wi-Fi signal-Samsung Samsung-cnBeta.COM

Remote controls getting charged by solar energy and radio waves. Quite amazing. Isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you get rid of changing batteries every now and then?

Well, Samsung has introduced the solution by introducing remotes that could be charged via solar energy and radio waves. The tech firm has come up with quite an innovative as well as eco-friendly approach. The approach is eco-friendly because it will eliminate the amount of waste that is generated because of discarded batteries. The South Korean tech company has introduced such a remote with its premium TVs.

Aside from these efforts by Samsung, we can expect some other brands to copy the same strategy. Well, in the future the upcoming TVs and streaming boxes could be equipped with self-charging remotes. To be more specific on Google TV.

TW Electronics is a company that works in close association with Google. Its job is to design some reference remotes for Android as well as Google TV. At CES 2023 event, the company TW displayed a TV remote control for Google TV. The remote control was co-developed by Exeger. It is capable of charging itself by utilizing indoor light. It comprises a photovoltaic panel at the bottom. The photovoltaic panel converts light energy into electricity.

As of now, we have no clue when such a remote will be introduced in the industry. however, we can say for sure that the recently displayed TV remote by TW would ship with Premium Google TV devices. One thing to notice here is that such a remote is quite expensive from a manufacturing point of view in contrast to the traditional Google TV remote that is based on AAA/AA batteries.

In addition to this, the tech giant Samsung has shared the concept of a remote that could be charged by using the radio waves emitted by the Wi-Fi routers at home. But the company has not started the shipping of such remote yet.

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