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Apple postpones the development of AR Apple Glasses

A recent report from Bloomberg indicates that Apple has stopped working on Apple Glasses. Well, stopping the work doesn’t indicate that it won’t be continuing with it. As per the report, the company has paused the developmental work due to some technical issues. Previously, the company was set to introduce the Apple Glasses after the mixed reality headset.

Some rumors point out that Apple wanted to come up with something similar to the Google Glass smart glasses. The company wanted to introduce a pair of lightweight AR glasses. Furthermore, the company was considering providing the glasses with digital information superimposed on the real world. Such a pair of glasses would provide a different experience compared to the immersive virtual experience as presented by AR/VR headset. However, unfortunately, the company has not yet produced the required hardware that would contribute to a lightweight wearable. Additionally, the company considers that the upcoming glasses should be similar to an iPhone having enough battery life.

Initially, the company wanted to debut the glasses by 2023. However, it got delayed to 2025. But now it seems like it won’t be arriving soon in the near future. Since the company has scaled back work on the glasses. As per the report by Bloomberg, the company wants to introduce such a product that could work as an alternative to iPhone.

The report by Bloomberg predicts that some of the employees of the company think that AR glasses are not something that is going to be a reality. Whereas the team behind AR/VR headsets is busy working on mixed-reality headsets. However, some members of the team might be working on future AR glasses.

It seems like the company has shifted its focus from augmented reality glasses to mixed reality headsets. It is anticipated that Apple will debut its headset by this year.

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