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Some wild rumors about Galaxy Z Fold 5

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A strange rumor regarding the forthcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 is circulating on the internet. This rumor has made several claims regarding the weight and dimensions of Galaxy Z Fold 5. According to this news information, the forthcoming product by the tech giant will be equipped with an S pen holster. This is not just it. It further claims that the forthcoming smartphone could be accompanied by an unannounced processor by Qualcomm.

In accordance with the information by The Pulse, the forthcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 will weigh 275 grams. The previous model weighed around 263 grams. In addition to this, the device will have a 6.5mm profile. This is surprisingly more than the previous 6.3mm. this modification in size and weight is attributed to the S Pen holster. Until now, no previous model of galaxy Z Fold was presented with an S pen holster but the series could be modified with the release of Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The idea of Galaxy Z Fold 5 being accompanied by an S pen is not something strange. Since many users wished that the Galaxy Z Fold could be presented with a feel of Note-like or Galaxy S22 Ultra-like smartphones. However, the rumor has become less interesting because of some additional information about the hardware aspects. According to the claims by the source, the test model of Galaxy Z Fold 5 is fueled by an unannounced “Snapdragon 985 5G” chipset. Currently, the SoC is not available in the market. Since it is an unannounced version. Most likely, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would be presented with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

If we go by this rumor of the S Pen holster, then definitely the device would be thick and heavy in contrast to the older models. Besides all this information, take this as just rumors. Because there is always room for modification and change. Only time will tell what is in the store.

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