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Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo Will Work Together To Ensure Safe Gaming

Safe Gaming

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo announced that they want to jointly ensure a safe gaming experience in the future. Harmful and dangerous behavior and content should no longer be given a place.

As SonyMicrosoft, and Nintendo announced on Monday, the big three companies in the console market will join forces in the future to prevent hatred and harassment or exploitation of young players. “We believe that gaming is for all ages, including our youngest and most vulnerable players. Technology creates immersive entertainment experiences and we want to make sure that those experiences, especially when they involve interaction, are positive and are respectful. All players deserve to have fantastic social gaming experiences in a respectful and safe environment, “the official said.

“We are working closely with our community to promote safe gaming behavior and encourage the use of reporting functions to immediately report inappropriate actions,” the company continued. In addition, closer cooperation with the judicial authorities is sought in order to be able to react appropriately to any criminal offenses. “We obey all local laws and respond to all legal requests from law enforcement. We will notify you immediately if we observe illegal behavior or believe that a player is in imminent danger.”

Features should be easily accessible

For users themselves, this means that they can customize their gaming experience, for example. Parents should also be given the tools and information they need to create appropriate experiences for their children. It is also clear that such security features only make sense if they can be used in an uncomplicated manner. The three companies want to ensure this on all their platforms, support channels, services, websites, and in stores in order to reach even more players and parents and to offer protection options.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo emphasize that they will continue to invest in new technologies that will prevent inappropriate behavior and the creation of harmful content before a player is harmed. “We think we have a chance to work together for the benefit of the entire video game industry and all gamers to provide an even safer gaming experience.”