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Sony Sold 60.4 Million Consoles Of PlayStation 4 And 487.8 Million Games

The PlayStation 4 is the most versatile gaming console so far, according to Cnet reviews the PlayStation 4 slim and 4 pro are reviewed at 8.6 and 8.7 which is way ahead of Xbox and Nintendo. Recently Sony has achieved another important milestone and reached the total of 60.4 million units sold of PlayStation 4.

In the recent even E3 2017 Sony also have unveiled some important upcoming games, with some new titles the company would be able to generate more sales in PlayStation 4, as the new Spider-man game is PS4 exclusive currently it could bring in more sales for PS4 when the game would be release in 2018.

Sony also said that on average, each game console sole attracted 8 games makes a total of 487.8 million retail games copies which were sold alongside of consoles.     

PlayStation Head Andrew House said in a conference, “We are really thankful to our fans who supported use and made us number one gaming company and support for PS4 was awesome, by taking full advantage of the power of PS4, we are committed to further expand the ecosystem of PS4 by introducing PSVR content in the portfolio, moreover, by strengthening network services and software lineup. We are working hard to bring the best gaming experience to our users worldwide, and making PS4 the best place to play games.”  

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PlayStation currently has 70 million active players across the world whereas, PlayStation plus has 26.4 million subscribers for premium services. Sony keeps its gamers active and energetic by releasing new titles and stories to the existing arsenal. Microsoft PS4 has announced some interesting titles to be released in 2018 including; Spider-man, Days Gone, Knack 2 and more…..