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Restaurants That Offer Free Wi-Fi In Islamabad/ Rawalpindi

Food and Wi-Fi are the most important necessities in life of almost every individual these days.

Let’s change food to best most delicious food and Wi-Fi to Free Wi-Fi. The ideal situation, isn’t it? Free Wi-Fi in home and delicious food in restaurants, we can find them both separately but rarely do we find them together. We do visit restaurants for eating mouthwatering food but oh the Wi-Fi is usually password protected. As for in homes, when our mothers make our favorite food, Wi-Fi somehow decides to stop working at that precise moment, or loadshedding welcomes us with open arms.

Alas! Rarely do we find tasty food and free Wi-Fi together.

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So guys sit back and relax. In this article we would tell you names of the best restaurants in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi that offer free Wi-Fi with their appetizing food and beverages.


  • Location: Pir Sohawa
  • Wi-Fi password: AABBCC1133

Enjoy beauty of Monal with tempting food and free Wi-Fi

MeiKong Resturant

  • Location: Saddar
  • Wi-Fi Password: meiknog32

Best Chinese food in town

Habibi Resturant

  • Location: I8 Markaz
  • Wi-Fi Password: baf2011baf

Desi food lovers go for Habibi

Serena Hotel:

  • Location: Khayaban-e-Suhrawardy, Sector G-5
  • Free Wi-Fi

Business meetings, big events or family dinners in Serena require delightful food and free Wi-FI

Café Addiction

  • Location: Al-Karam Plaza, F-11 Markaz
  • Wi-Fi Password: cafe7002

Enjoy privacy with fast food

Tuscany courtyard

  • Location: Ho # 15, St # 18, F-7/2
  • Wi-Fi Password: Wi-FI without password

Friends get together, this is the place guys.

Gloria Jeans

  • Location: F-11 Markaz, behind Rahat Bakery
  • Wi-Fi Password: gjcf11isb

Best coffee in town


  • Location: Street #20, F7/2
  • Wi-Fi Password: Free Password

Those fries and that mouthwatering burger, the pleasure would double with free Wi-Fi

Italian Oven

  • Location: 4-A, Universal Plaza, F-10, Markaz
  • Wi-Fi Password: 786786786

Pizza lovers, enjoy original pizza and Wi-Fi in Italian Oven

Dunkin Donuts

  • Location: 10th Avenue, F-10 Markaz
  • Free Wi-Fi

Donut lovers, enjoy fast food here


  • Location: Behind Telenor Office, Jinnah Super, F-7 Markaz
  • Wi-Fi Password: roasters12345

A mixture of desi and continental food in one place

Chayee Khana

  • Location: Shop # 11, Block-B, United Bakery Plaza, F-6 Markaz
  • Wi-Fi Password: herbaltea

A unique breakfast restaurant with a breathtaking atmosphere


  • Location: BlueArea
  • Free Wi-Fi

All in one. From shopping malls to food delights and ofcourse free Wi-Fi

These are few of the restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi with passwords for their customers. Keep track of these passwords and the next time you visit one of these places remember the Wi-Fi password of the location.

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