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Sony to produce more games for PC and mobile by 2025

Sony plans to significantly increase sales on PC and mobile devices with its own gaming brands in the coming year’s Presentation for investors appears. Accordingly, by 2025, about half of all new releases will no longer be PlayStation exclusives.

From Playstation to PC and mobile

It has become increasingly clear over the past two years that Sony wants to expand its own commitment to the PC platform. However, the extent to which this venture needs to be carried out may come as a surprise. In the current fiscal year 2022, games for PC and mobile devices are expected to account for approximately 25 percent of own-brand publications. In fiscal 2025, Sony plans about 30 percent for PC games and 25 percent for mobile games – only half of all Sony releases would therefore remain exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

However, for the PlayStation 4, there should be no more new releases by 2025 at the latest. The main goal of the newly communicated strategy is to capitalize on the growth of all gaming markets. The previous focus on exclusive console games allows only very limited participation in the games market and simply makes no economic sense.

In addition to the commitment to PC games and mobile games, the focus must also be more on life service games. With the baseball title MLB: The Show 22, Sony currently has just such a game in its portfolio; by the end of the current fiscal year, in March 2023, there should be three. Destiny 2 is a new addition that is considered certain. Sony is already planning 12 life service titles for the year 2025.

Horizon Zero Dawn performed well on PC

It’s also interesting to take a look at Sony’s past and forecast sales of PC games. In 2020 this was still 35 million dollars, in 2021 it was already 80 million dollars for the current fiscal year, Sony expects a turnover of 300 million dollars on the PC. The question now is how this considerable amount is to be achieved. Sony has had the greatest success in this regard with Horizon Zero Dawn (test), which achieved approximately 2.4 million sales on Steam on Steam between its PC port in the summer of 2020 and 31 March 2022, generating $60 million in revenue.

Days Gone (test) and God of War (test), on the other hand, was responsible for sales of around 23 million and 26 million dollars, respectively, but did not appear on the PC until much later. In any case, the PC adaptation of Uncharted 4 and the Uncharted Collection has been announced; in both cases, however, a concrete release date is still pending.

Non-Video Game Content

But Sony doesn’t just see potential in games for PC and mobile devices. The company plans to bring TV series to some of its popular brands. That’s what they called Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo. For this Sony is working with both Netflix and Amazon – but more is not yet known.