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Sony PlayStation 4 sold 70 million units throughout the world


The Japanese tech giant, Sony has declared that it has sold 70.6 million PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere throughout the world. This figure uncovers that if the organization continue going at a similar pace it is relied upon to cross the prior record of its ancestor PS3, which accomplished the sign of 80 million units sold in four years.

Sony’s immediate adversary in gaming console Microsoft, who is for the most part known as programming and applications developer has been beaten by the Japanese giant in this field. The drop in offers of its gaming console could be the reason that Microsoft quit manufacturing Xbox One. Microsoft’s thrashing was evident as the organization has not discharged particular deals figures for its consoles.

The Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been at competition since the first day

Sony has likewise declared that it has sold more than 617.8 million copies of PS4 games, and an aggregate of 2 million PlayStation VR units. PlayStation 4 has its three variations: PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 PRO. Sony has not revealed that what number of those PS4s are the new Pro model, nonetheless, back in June the organization asserted that one in each five deals was a PS4 Pro.

It must be noticed that Microsoft has not confronted vanquish in the greater part of its consoles. At the point when the Xbox One X was propelled individuals were wild about it, as the console broke all preorders record. Playstation4 is available in the market for $399 while Xbox one costs around $499.

Both Microsoft and Sony are proactively attempting to grow new computerized devices like VR to take gaming to next level. As Sony’s President for America Shawn Layden says, “We’re still trying to understand exactly what people are going to want to do in that medium.”

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