Soon, Galaxy devices will get Google Assistant with Bard


On October 4, the tech giant Google held its Made By Google event to announce the Pixel 8 series, Android 14, and Pixel Watch 2. In addition to this, the company unveiled that Assistant will now be powered by Bard. According to Google, in the coming months, Assistant with Bard will arrive on Android and iOS.

Bard is a gen AI chatbot debuted by Google in competition with ChatGPT. It has been refined over time, and now it will be integrated into Assistant. The new feature will use Gen AI to assist users. For instance, users can use it to get access to important emails or simply post a picture on a social media app with a caption.

Assistant with Bard will come to Android and iOS

According to the press release, the new feature will come pre-installed on Android devices. Furthermore, it will also be available as a standalone app on the Google Play Store.  More crucially, it will function on the platform at a system level, much like Google Assistant does now on your Galaxy smartphone. With the aid of Bard Extensions, Assistant with Bard will be able to interact with Google’s OS-based programs and services, including Drive, Gmail, and Maps.

On the other hand, on iOS, it will be available as an app. Moreover, it will be incorporated into app from Google for iOS like Photos, YouTube, and Chrome. It will help users perform multiple tasks across different apps on iPhones. Unfortunately, like Android, Assistant with Bard can’t be incorporated at a system level on iOS. Given this, it might operate differently on an iPhone compared to an Android device. Whatever the case may be, it will be quite useful for users.

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