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Google Bard Chatbot Would Be A Widget In Google Pixel Smartphones

Google apparently wants to soon offer its AI chatbot Bard as a kind of home screen widget on Pixel smartphones and tablets. Corresponding indications are currently piling up after the US Internet company presented its answer to Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot.

As the US magazine 9to5Google reports, citing its own research, there are indications in the form of corresponding code in which “Bard AI” will soon be found as part of Android on certain smartphones. There are still hardly any details about the type of integration, but it could be a widget that can be located on the device’s home screen like the Google search bar.

Other options would be a standalone app for Google Bard and an integration with the Google Search app. With the integration of Bard in Android, access to Google’s AI bot would probably be much easier than the way to the dedicated website through which the bot is currently offered. The integration of Bard on Android is said to go beyond a simple link to the website.

Is Bard exclusive to Google Pixel devices for now?

According to the source, however, Bard integration will initially be reserved for Pixel series smartphones. The bot would therefore first land on Google’s own devices, but not on the countless other smartphones available with Google’s Android operating system. This can still change, however, because there is no information as to when the feature should be introduced.

Google Bard is still a pure experiment because, unlike Microsoft’s Bing AI, the AI ​​bot is not easily accessible to the public. So far, you still have to register and be put on a waiting list to access Google’s Bing chatbot alternative. Microsoft made the Bing bot available to the general public today.

Google Bard got some negative attention after it became apparent immediately after the launch of the test version that the answers from the AI ​​search robot sometimes cannot be very reliable.

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