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SoundCloud adds a new week by week custom playlist feature for users


SoundCloud reported today that it’s discharging a week by week customized playlist for its users. Updated each Monday, SoundCloud Weekly pulls music from the stage’s a large number of creators, which the organization notes is “multiple times more than are featured in playlists on other streaming services.”

Like those from different administrations, for example, Spotify’s Discover Weekly, the Weekly’s tracks are controlled by the makers and tracks users like, share and listen in to the most. It takes after the arrival of the everyday blends of new uploads the organization propelled a year ago.

“SoundCloud has the largest, most diverse music catalog ever assembled,” SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor said in a statement. “SoundCloud Weekly draws from our global creator community to deliver a simple, personalized music experience that connects more creators with new listeners than ever before. Our commitment to giving more creators more ways to be discovered is why what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.”

You can discover the Weekly feature at the top point of the home screen when utilizing the mobile application. You can likewise look at it on the web under the “Find” tab.

SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, powered by a connected community of creators, listeners, and curators on the pulse of what’s new, now and next in culture.

It was founded in 2007, the organization’s mission is to empower the world’s audio creators with the best tools, services, and resources to build and grow their careers. With over 180 million tracks and 10 million creators heard each month across 190 countries, what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.

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