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Tesla Eliminates 2 Colour Choices For its Cars

eliminated 2 colour choices

The Tesla cars are to get less colourful, as it has eliminated 2 colour choices for its cars. The company is removing the obsidian black metallic and silver metallic from its standard colour options, as per a tweet from Elon Musk.

He mentioned in his tweet that the eliminated colour choices would simplify the task of manufacturing.

Tesla has been under tight check for maintaining the production level—especially for its Model 3 for increasing the profit and for avoiding a potential cash crunch.

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Musk in his post mentioned that the two-colour choices, would be available but on special request and at higher rates.

In his tweet, he did not reveal the exact raised cost.

The firm’s service centres, which does the repair work on the already sold cars, would be stocking the paint colours.

Tesla is already charging $1,500 more for some colours, which includes deep blue metallic, obsidian black metallic, silver metallic and midnight silver metallic. However, it charges $2,000 more for red multicoat and pearl white multicoat.

Only one colour comes included in the base price for one of its cars which is solid black.

It is pretty common in the automotive industry to charge more for some of the premium colours.

Tesla was formed in the year 2003, it is an American multinational firm based in California. The company is specialized in solar panel manufacturing, electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery energy storage.

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