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SoundCloud Songs Could Now be Shared on Instagram Stories

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SoundCloud has made it easier for its users to share music from their service. It has not given the option of sharing the SoundCloud songs directly on Instagram stories.

The new feature was announced recently by the firm. There is a major drawback of the introduced feature and that is the shared track is in the form of a link that would appear within stories. For actually listening to the track, users would need to click the “Play on SoundCloud” link, which then would redirect them to the SoundCloud application.

This feature is like a way for the fans and artists to promote their music via Instagram’s immensely famous Stories platform, however, it is not the same as actually sharing music through Instagram, as the listening is taking place somewhere else.

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Earlier people used to share their SoundCloud favourites or stuff via screenshots, etc.

For using the new feature, one would first need to find the song one wants to share and then tap the “share” icon at the bottom side of the screen. Then select the “share to Instagram Stories” depending on which smartphone the user is using—either iOS or Android. The link to the song would then directly be shared in the Instagram Story.

This feature was announced in May at the Facebook’s F8 developer conference, but SoundCloud confirmed that the feature was just not implemented.

SoundCloud informed that the sharing feature is live in the most recent version of the SoundCloud iOS and Android application.

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