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Samsung Working on Foldable Tablet as Well

We all know Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone already, Apple has also filed a patent for foldable smartphones, Huawei is also expected to launch foldable smartphones in 2019.

However, Samsung is also working on foldable tablets, it is not a secret though but Samsung has filed a recent patent which clears the picture, the device for Samsung has filed a patent should carry Galaxy F moniker.

The company filed the patent back in April 2018 but it is published and highlighted now when there is a wind of foldable phones. The patent describes that the device when used normally is a regular tablet but it can be folded to half screen and when the users fold it, it turns off the half of the display and switches to UI more of a smartphone experience. The user can fold the large tablet display into a smartphone display and put it in his pocket easily.

The device explained in the patent would be carrying two bezel-like grips on both sides of the display in order to feature more components, the build would be mainly based on metal and the center will house a hinge-like mechanism.

Samsung may launch foldable tablet along with Galaxy F however, there is some doubt in it, foldable phones are still in the concept phase and Samsung would like to test probably Galaxy F first in the market before launching more foldable devices.

It depends on the success of the foldable smartphone if it becomes a success then Samsung would start launching more and more foldable devices including tablets.

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