Spotify Is Working On New Offline Mix

Spotify and Samsung

Spotify is working on a new feature that will play an offline playlist if internet access is too bad. This playlist is called “Your offline mix” and is automatically compiled from the favorite songs you’ve listened to recently.

This new feature is currently undergoing internal testing. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently published a preview of the offline feature on Twitter.

The mix of recently played songs

Spotify hasn’t revealed much else about the upcoming feature. CEO Ek explained that the offline mix is ​​a playlist meant for those times when you “maybe not be online”. He also tweeted a screenshot of the app playing the offline mix, showing a special icon to go with it. The list is captioned: “A mix of your recently played songs for when the mood is good but the connection is bad.”

The advantage of this new function is that you don’t have to worry about which music you want to use offline in advance. The whole thing is taken care of by automation and thus offers a great advantage if you have no network access but feel like listening to music.

At the moment there is no information on when Spotify users will be able to try the offline mix. Also, nothing has been said about whether the offline mix listings might only be available to paying subscribers.

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