Steam’s October 2023 Survey: Windows 10 Continues to Dominate

The latest Steam hardware and software survey for October 2023 has revealed some intriguing trends, notably the enduring popularity of Windows 10. Despite the availability of newer operating systems, Windows 10 remains the preferred choice for a significant portion of Steam users.

Resilience of Windows 10

Windows 10 64-bit has seen a 7.53% increase in its user base, while its successor, Windows 11, has experienced a reduction of 7.27%. This is particularly noteworthy given that Windows 10 is an eight-year-old operating system, first released in July 2015.

Hardware Trends on Steam

The survey also highlighted that the average Steam user has 16GB of memory, with a substantial 8.28% increase in users opting for 32GB of system RAM since October. In terms of display resolutions, 1080p remains the most common, but there’s been a 6.53% increase in users with 1440p resolution displays. For multi-monitor setups, 59.98% of users have a 3840 x 1080 resolution, suggesting dual 1080p monitors, and 22.34% use dual 1440p setups.

Potential Improvements for the Survey

The article suggests that the Steam survey could be more helpful if it included more detailed CPU data, such as the SKU, rather than just the manufacturer, core count, and frequencies. Additionally, it could provide insights into memory types and detailed storage data, which would aid both users and game developers.

The Steam survey offers a snapshot of the preferences and trends among PC gamers, with Windows 10’s dominance indicating its continued favor despite the presence of newer operating systems. As technology evolves, it will be interesting to see how these trends shift and what new insights future surveys will reveal.

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