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Stories Might Become a Part of YouTube Soon

YouTube is involved in the testing of a new feature called “Reels”. The feature would be at least in concept very much like the everyday stories one sees on Instagram and Snapchat.

As per the reports of TechCrunch, Reels would be provided with a separate tab which would be distinct from the YouTube’s main list of videos.

YouTube presents very different reasons for the introduction of this feature from the reasons Instagram and Snapchat creators gave at the time of stories feature launch. According to YouTube people wants to share stuff on the YouTube without the hassle of following the traditional ways of making a YouTube video.

Reels presently is being tested among a small set of YouTube’s creators, and the firm has not disclosed about the release date of the “new format” worldwide.

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The site is offering a different formula from the ones typical Stories offer in many ways. Most significant divergence from the other stories features is that the Reels would not be disappearing after some set time or after twenty-four hours. YouTube would also allow the users to have more than one Reels—each including its own set of videos. That again is different from Snapchat and Instagram stories, where the temporary posts are part of just one basic story.

TechCrunch has outlined the process of making Reels which is—making mobile videos of up to thirty seconds per video, these videos can incorporate the use of filters, music or text.

Roy Livne—YouTube’s representative informed that the site is working on bringing creator-focused features, for example, the linking of YouTube videos and Y-stickers of YouTube.

Some people would be complaining about the Reels launch, inside the YouTube experience. However, during the beta phase, it is apparent that the site-creators are not forcing the feature on viewers by placing the feature objectionably at the top of the application or via other ways.

According to TechCrunch, the Reels would be displayed in the home tab suggestions provided that the user seriously engages oneself with Reels.

Livne mentioned that the beta version of Reels is being experimented to improve and learn the product before it gets offered to users.

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