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Google Launches a New App that Saves Mobile Data

Google has introduced a new Android app. The aim of the app is to help users manages a very important function on their phones that is data usage. The app stops other apps from wasting your data.

The name of the app is Datally. The app tells you where your data is going and allow you to control it. It will inform users about which app is eating most of the data and specifically at what times the data is getting used up. It will provide recommendations for users to reduce data usage by controlling their activity. Also, nearby Wi-Fi networks will be suggested to the consumers.

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There is a big button right at the top of the app that allows you to stop all the background apps using up your data. Only the app that is active on the screen will use mobile data.

Moreover, a chat-head style bubble will show you that how much data your on-screen app is using. If you don’t want to close all background apps, Datally provides an opportunity to go in and control data, on an app to app basis.

Datally is launching as part of Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to make Google products more usable in nations that have limited mobile connections. So the app’s focus is on basic features that are data usage control and storage management. This is the reason Datally only takes 6MB of space.

Josh Woodward, the product manager overseeing Datally said, “A bunch of us on the team spent a lot of time on long flights observing people in their homes, bus stations, classrooms, and kept seeing this airplane mode behavior.”

Datally was tested by Google in the Philippines. 500,000 users are already using the app and on average 30% data is saved. Now the app is released worldwide on any phone running on Android 5.0 or higher.

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