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Surf Safe – Report Online Abuse in Pakistan Now

National Counter Terrorism Authority has created an online reporting portal for reporting any kind of online abuse, or extremist act. People who face internet abuse through any social media platform now have the chance to report it.

Surf Safe is the online reporting portal to freely report any kind of online abuse in Pakistan.

Other than this another aim of Surf Safe is to look out for extremist ideologies spreading via the channel and try to control them.

The mission of Surf Safe is to keep track of any online extremism, remove extremist content, give advice and help to the extremist victims by pushing them towards a moderate approach, promote community participation to spread the love around and create the online world, a safer & peaceful place for all.

`Prevention of Electronic Crime’ Act-2016 has been approved and passed by the parliament to filter out social media sites and control unhealthy content online. Till now it has resulted in blockage of 144 URLs that were spreading immoderate messages around.

NACTA and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) are working together to fight this issue.

The mobile application of Surf Safe has launched. It is available in both Apple Store and Google Play. You can download the app and use it to report any kind of online abuse you witness or face over the internet.

NACTA’s Android and iOS applications are quite user-friendly. Any person can easily report any incident. There is an option for uploading video, picture, audio or URL.

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Similar to this an app Muavin was launched with the aim to help women who encounter online harassment. The app is available for Android smartphones. The aim of Muavin is to find community-based solutions to online harassment faced by women all around.

That app was specific to women but Surf Safe is for all users in Pakistan. Anyone can report any incidence through this platform.

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